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The fingerprint of God

This is the script to lesson 12 -The Fingerprint of God. Please feel free to download this script if required from our downloads page to help with your studies

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When God created Adam the man was a perfect specimen in terms of physic character and personality. We all know what happened in the garden we call it the fall! Man fell from what he was created to be. Man became dysfunctional. God solved this problem of dysfunction, in the man Jesus Christ. Christ is called the second or the last Adam, and what is fallen in the first Adam has been restored in Christ.

For those of us that are saved, where we are dysfunctional from our relationship to the first Adam, that dysfunction is being made functional in our relationship to the last Adam. So in our Christian pilgrimage, as we submit to God, He takes us from glory to glory, and transforms us into the image of His Son Christ. As we travel on this pilgrimage there will be a death of our old personality, and then we will be resurrected, as we are transformed into His image.

We cannot say that we are ‘more’ saved today than we were last week that is not true.  We were totally completely saved last week.  But, this week we are more conformed to the image of Christ; we are drawn more into the goal of our salvation this week, than we were at this time last week.  We are on a journey, Romans 8:29 it says that:

We are predestined (or… this is our destiny) that we should be conformed to the very image of the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s our destiny! That image will be formed in our uniqueness!  So, Christ in me will look different to the way Christ in you looks, because we are not the same.

There are basically four or five  bents, tendencies, or temperaments.  You have probably read of them.  There is one called the Sanguine, one called the Phlegmatic, one is the Melancholy, and the last is the Choleric. We are this mixture of these tendencies, or temperaments, but when man fell, so did these personality traits.

Have you ever wondered why it is that one person will lead, and thousands will follow?

Have you ever wondered why there are serial killers in the world, when other people wouldn’t so much as hurt a fly?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the businessman and the worker?

Why do some people devote their whole life to sport, art religion or politics, while others are seemingly not bothered to do anything?

Have you ever thought why some people are naturally loving, whilst others are naturally hateful?

Have you ever wondered why?

Whilst some of the answers can have a cultural explanation, a lot of what a person says and does is based on this mixture of  tendencies and temperaments.

When we got saved our spirit was resurrected, that is born again. My spirit was dead and now is alive. When my body becomes dead, it will also be born again, that is resurrected. But while my body is waiting to be resurrected, I am being born again in my personality, I am being saved or resurrected in my head, the battle today is in our minds. Do you recall that Paul tells us to work out our salvation, this is where it must be worked out in my head, so that my body can be an expresser and revealer of the real ME! The ME that is being transformed into the very image and expression of Christ. “It is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives through ME”

As my personality IS submitted to God, they must die before God, so that Christ can live or be expressed through me. As I submit to God He resurrects my personality and transforms me into the image of His Son. When Paul says, “it is no longer I that live” this is what he means.

So, this mixture of tendencies, or temperaments, that’s the area that is going to be crucified with Christ.  It is in that area that my resurrection in Christ will take place.  It is that mixture of temperament that will be seated with Christ in heavenly places.  It is in this mixture that makes up ‘ME.

There is a facet of the Glory of Jesus Christ that I alone can show, because He needed MY ‘mix’. Every one of us worships in a different way.  Some of us spin around like ancient Hebrews dancing before the Lord.  Others of us wouldn’t be caught dead doing that!  You see, that’s okay!  We are unique.

Paul said in II Corinthians, after he described what he went through, and he said ‘comfort wherewith we were comforted, we can now give unto you.’ You could have gone through the same thing and never seen what Paul saw, not because you are dumb, but because you are not Paul.  It took Paul’s unique mix to see that.

We are so incredible that God assumed our humanness, and our humanness is now in heaven ruling the Universe.  So, don’t look down on your flesh!  The trouble is, the flesh with all its wonder, was never meant to be the person in itself. It was made to reveal the person, and the person then united to God the Holy Spirit.  So, the Holy Spirit, joined to my true ‘self,’ revealed in my flesh.  My flesh, then, becomes the servant.  It becomes the revealer, the expresser.

Paul summed it up in Philippians when he said, “For me to live is Christ.”  So, he is saying, ‘Me!  Me, in all my uniqueness, me in all my flesh wonder.  For me to live is Christ.  I have died to the possibility of ‘for me to live is me.’  I’ve died to that, to resurrect to what life is really all about!  Christ in me.’

We are so unique have you ever noticed that we all sin differently.  You might look across the street and say,

“Look at that drunk!”

“Look at that addict!”

“Look at that homosexual!”

‘I thank you O God, that I am not like him.’  Why?  Because, the way he is expressing the same problem we have through his uniqueness is so different to us, we say, “I’m not a sinner!  He is!”  What we should say is, “He’s not doing it the same way as me.” We sin differently.  We are unique in our sins – totally unique!

Also, have you noticed that it is because of your uniqueness that you got yourself into trouble?  Trouble that your neighbour doesn’t get into.  Have you noticed that it is because of your uniqueness that you got hurt in a way that someone else didn’t get hurt?  Have you noticed that?  The stuff that cut you to the core and hurt you for the last twenty years, with someone else – it didn’t bother them at all.

So, your uniqueness has got its own set of grief and sorrow and hurts.  Of course, some of our uniqueness put us in places to get hurt, when other people’s uniqueness wouldn’t go near the place!

Dying with Christ and rising again is not becoming a RELIGIOUS NOTHING, by being conformed to a set of rules.

God made you this unique person, and what you were before you came to Christ was simply a ‘screwed up’ unique person.  Now you are going to pass through death and resurrection to be the ‘real’ unique person.

You, in your uniqueness will be made ‘new:’ Under New Management, under a new set of goals, going a different way and energized by a different power.  But, you will be YOU; that is, if you have truly been set free.

We have all inherited a basic temperament from our parents, that contains both strengths and weaknesses. The Bible refers to this temperament as the old man, the natural man, the flesh, and the corruptible flesh. On this tape we are going to examine the four main personality types.

Some have said that this type of Christian teaching is wrong, because it starts with pagan philosophers. The question we might ask is what are pagan philosophers? The answer we find is men studying God’s creation whilst trying to omit God. What we aim to do in this study, is to look at God’s creation, and discover why people are unique.

The four main personality types are:

Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholie, and the Phlegmatic.

The Sanguine and the Choleric are both extroverts, and their predominant weakness is anger.

The Melancholie and the Phlegmatic are both introverts, and their predominant weakness is fear.


Phlegmatics are calm, dependable, laid-back people who are easy to get along with. Their strengths are flexibility and endurance, but they are prone to passivity.

Melancholies are fastidious, analytic intellectuals who largely keep to themselves. Their strengths are observation, preparation, and resourcefulness, but they tend toward perfectionism and depression.

Cholerics are take-charge, task-oriented leader types for whom relationships are largely a means to an end. Their strengths are boldness and self-motivation, but they may be tactless or quick-tempered.

Sanguines are cheerful, enthusiastic people whose energy comes from being with people. They bring life and smiles to those in their circles but may be scatterbrained, and often lack caution or restraint.

All of mans weaknesses stem from selfishness, whilst all of mans strengths stem from selflessness, when we have a better understanding of ourselves, it gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to illuminate certain issues, that otherwise would not have been possible for us to comprehend.

That’s the introduction.  With this understanding, it is our prayer that this tape will help unite the body of Christ, as we are all transformed into His image through our personality.

The Sanguine

Mr Sanguine is the life and soul of the party, he truly is a people person, with a warm nature and always on the move. He is optimistic, talkative, friendly and compassionate.

Our uniqueness it not something to be ashamed of.  Our uniqueness is not something that must be crushed in order to become part of a religious NOTHING.  You and your uniqueness bring a certain message to the Body of Christ.

The Sanguine in particular, is a worshipper, he is the celebration of the Love of God. This one has the capacity, the insatiable craving after receiving the Love of God, and interacting with that Love, to dance with that Love and to celebrate that Love. It is an insatiable appetite.

This person is satisfied, and yet they will always be back for more, and usually will be the first one back for more, because there is this longing, this craving after the experience of the Love of God. The Sanguine will accept their belovedness, and they, with great delight, dance in the Delight of God.  This is the one that communicates and reaches out to people, to know and to feel, to become part of other people’s lives.  All of these are the characteristics of this person when they are in the Love of God, and when the Love of God is flowing in and through them.

When this person has no connection with the Love of God, has not seen or heard the Gospel, and not received the ‘good news,’ then it’s all about me! The Sanguine places himself on centre stage and broadcasts the message to the world:  It’s all about me – Please accept me!  

If you didn’t hear them, you must be deaf, because they are the loudest in the bunch.  If you weren’t going to listen, you find yourself listening because they have the funniest stories:  All about them.  So, loudly and with great gusto and enthusiasm, with great imagination they tell their stories – over, and over, and over again.  PLEASE ACCEPT ME, PLEASE LIKE ME, PLEASE INCLUDE ME, HERE I AM!

The negative personality traits of Mr Sanguine are he is restless easily excitable & weak willed, so he often gives in to temptation. He invariably is in debt as he lives for the now and doesn’t plan forward. He is like a butterfly finding it difficult to concentrate and flitting from one thing to another. If Mr Sanguine advances it is usually by the power of his strong personality that hides his weak character.

Mr Sanguine will invariably dominate the conversation, which will usually be about himself. This is the dynamic chap that given the right circumstances and opportunities can build a large organisation around his charismatic personality. He is emotionally unstable and will always be the first to cry. He loves to please, he is the YES man. He doesn’t keep to a schedule or deadlines and is consistently found unreliable.

Mr Sanguine is not an academic person, he finds it easier to relate to stories rather than hard facts, and his understanding of the scriptures will always be superficial and controversial. If Mr Sanguine is in the public eye, this is the one that will be called a heretic or a false prophet by Mr Melancholy.

In just one conversation with a Sanguine, they’ve been around the world twice, and they’ve been through every adventure possible for a human being.

Now, when the Gospel comes to this person.  This is the danger, and we see this over and over again, especially today where the Gospel is not always preached, rather it is somehow applied to the flesh needs of the people in the audience.  It is possible to so present the Gospel without any of its depth that this person will immediately jump for it, at the very first sound of a new adventure that is filled with joy — off they go!  This is wonderful!  But, it will be just another adventure.  Here today, gone tomorrow, the subject of conversation for the next six weeks, and then they will be off to something else.

The Gospel is the greatest Joy that you have ever heard.  It is the most incredible Joy that will reach to the very roots of your being.  But, it is going to turn your little world upside down, and it is not what you think joy is, because it is no longer all about you.  And… I’ve got news for you:  The world will hate you!  Oh dear!  It’s no longer all about me, and the world will hate me. Oh dear! 

You see, when I confront the Cross, suddenly I realize this key phrase is no longer “All about me.”  That is radical to any part of our temperament. The Cross is where God took my sin, took my curse, took my very rebellious self, and it’s no longer all about me, it’s about His love.  It’s all about Him.

When I receive that love, then for the first time in my life, I am satisfied in the depths of my being.  I don’t need centre stage, because His love, fulfilling the needs of my emptiness, has swallowed up my emptiness.

In the early days, especially for this person, there is great response to my feelings.  It is possible to believe in my feelings, and that is why in the mercy and love of God, He will take away my feelings of His Love.  I will then move, a gigantic step, from trusting in my feelings to trusting in God Himself, feelings or not.  At that time, I go deeper.  My perseverance has been established.

It means that, as I grow deeper in God to trust in God and His Love, the way I look at the world changes.  No longer do I need that world to tell me I am okay.  But, I have to learn that.  That doesn’t come in a hurry.  To understand the Love of God for me, I can now look out at the world and understand the Love that God has for them.  They become persons, not those who just aid me in my cry for love.  That means, no more passing relationships which are ‘here today,’ and ‘forgotten tomorrow.’  I begin to have fewer friends, but deeper friends.  I begin to reach out to people as real persons.

Peter was a Sanguine.  They all wondered ‘who is Jesus?’  Who is He?  But, it was Peter who blurted it out, “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God!”  

Jesus said it so plainly, “Flesh and blood did not reveal that to you,” meaning Peter, your brain cannot take in what you have just said!  But you said it!  Good old Peter!  You say the good, and you say the bad.  It just blurts out, until you learn the discipline of the Spirit.

There in the upper room, I am embarrassed for Peter.  You know, when Jesus said, “You will all forsake me and go your own way,’ and spoke of His coming sufferings and death?  Peter stands there like an idiot.   I mean, it’s when the quieter people among us would say, “Oh no, Peter!  Not tonight.  No, please!  Shut up and sit down!”

He gets up, and it’s all very embarrassing when he stands up in front of everybody and says, “All these will forsake you, but I will never… I will follow you to death.”

Oh no, Peter!  He is talking off the top of his head.  He’s talking out of his emotions.  He wants Jesus to like him.  He wants Jesus to say, You’re my special buddy.  

He blurts the whole thing out.  Jesus looked at him and said, ‘Simon, Simon…’ Now, that was a blow because Simon was his old name, which actually meant ‘sinking, shifting sands.’  Jesus had changed his name to Peter or Cephas, which means ‘a rock.’

The Sanguine’s destiny in the Body of Christ is to be that infuser of praise, and to be that infuser of the celebration in the love of God.

Your patron saint is Miriam, who was the very first Sanguine to take a tambourine and start dancing on the shores of the Red Sea and say, “The horse and his rider were cast into the Sea,” and three million people got the hang of it.  They all began dancing on the shores of the Red Sea led by Miriam and her tambourine.  It’s the first time in Scripture that anyone is recorded as getting excited about God, banging on a tambourine and dancing.

You need to give thanks to God because this is your destiny – this is your message to the Body of Christ.  Come on and lead us in the celebration of our humanity.  Come and wake up the dead Phlegmatics!  Grab us by the hand and spin us in worship to God.

Jesus was the Perfect Balance, and he certainly was a Sanguine.  Really, there is so much about Jesus that we have so accepted, that we no longer feel the shock of it.  Jesus was, and if we had ears to hear, is the scandal.  The very first act that He did in public was to show up at a wedding. He was there as a genuine, bona fide wedding guest.  And, if you have ever been around an Eastern wedding, you know that they danced, and they whirled and twirled and leaped in their dancing.  There was every sound that could be made in terms of orchestra.  It was FUN!

That was the accusation the leaders of the synagogue had for Him:  He eats with sinners!  He goes to the wrong parties.  

What does that tell you?  Jesus had fun!  He celebrated His humanity.

He went to the feast of the tax collectors?  I would love to have seen the faces of John and Peter, going into the house of a tax collector. They were the scum of society, and, Jesus moves easily among them.

These people are the most hated and despised, but the richest who had the greatest and most luxurious parties.  These are the Mafia boys of the day.  They have the limousines outside, and the bodyguards outside of the door,  you can read the accounts in Roman history. Jesus can easily move among them – happy, shaking hands all around.  And, they are all clamouring for Him to be at their party.

Jesus liked people.  God likes people! Do you begin to see the multi-faceted beauty of the Body of Christ?  When you ‘be’ you, and you are not ashamed of you, and you don’t let religious bigots bully and crush you, you ‘be’ who you are:  CHRIST IN YOU!

There is that facet of the Glory of Jesus that can only be expressed through YOU, because you have been uniquely fashioned to contain that and express it.

The Sanguine with such a furious energy – wherever they go, they are talking… to people.  Visiting with people.  “Eve must have been a Sanguine.  Only a Sanguine could start talking to a snake as they were waiting at the tree!”  A Phlegmatic might have said, “Good morning,” but that’s about it.

Watch them!  They can’t stand in line at the checkout without having a conversation with everybody within hearing distance.  They can never get enough love.  To them, life is fun!  So please don’t upset things by giving them bad news, because they won’t hear it anyway.  They are the eternal optimists.

It’s always ‘people to talk to, places to go, things to do!’  If there are no people, then the television is on.  I’ll talk to the television.  Or, they are reading books about people, or magazines with pictures of people.  It’s people… people!

Everything is NOW!  Yesterday is gone.. tomorrow isn’t here it’s NOW!!!

If you are in front of me – I talk!  You’re moving tomorrow?  I’ll help you!  And tomorrow?  It’s forgotten  It’s gone with the wind!  Everything is NOW!  The energy of the moment.

Look at Peter talk talk talk talk Can’t keep his mouth shut!  And, at the most awesome moment in the Gospel, when they stand before the Transfiguration of Jesus, he says, “Hey!  Let’s build three temples!”  Shut your mouth Peter!  For goodness sake, can’t you keep your thoughts to yourself?!  

But, there was something about him that led men.  When God was finished with him, he stood up on the Day of Pentecost and never stopped talking, but three thousand people came into the Church, because it takes a Sanguine to be an evangelist.  It takes that energy.  It takes that enthusiasm.

Philip the evangelist was  a Sanguine.  Do you remember?  He meets with Jesus.  He goes tearing back to Cana, goes to Nathaniel.  Nathaniel is a Phlegmatic/Melancholie.  He’s sitting under the fig tree studying the Scripture.  I’ve got to get it right!  Every point has got to be right.

In bursts Philip screaming!

You’ve got to come!  You’ve got to come!  I’ve met Him!  I’ve met Him!  

Who have you met? Calmly asks Nathaniel.

Oh, He’s Jesus, Son of Joseph replied Philip breathlessly

No, he’s not, Philip! Came Nathaniel’s stern reply

Excitedly Philip responds, Well, He’s somebody!  I don’t know quite who.  But, you’ve got to come!

Not in the least moved Nathaniel asks more questions Where is  he from? 

Nazareth! says Philip

Nathaniel now starts quoting scripture. Oh! Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?  If you turn here to Micah, it says very plainly…………………..!

Philip is not discouraged and excitedly says. Come, come, come. Come  see and touch!

And, Nathaniel came and saw.

Philips message was wrong.   But, for Philip, “Who cares?”  Come see touch!

Let me say this:  The Sanguine will always be the Sanguine. So, the Sanguine will always strike up conversations with passing snakes!  That’s the way Sanguine’s are!  Only now, the change has come at the heart and the conversation and the content is changing.  It’s no longer all about me.  It’s all about Him.  It’s also now all about you!  And, you become very important, instead of something that floated by in the ‘now’ moment, and that just supplied my need for excitement.  Rather, you become important.  The Sanguine can be moved with compassion, and moved to do and move to be involved.  But still, always a Sanguine – always!  Because… That is who you are.

The Phlegmatic

        The strong positive personality traits of the Phlegmatic are He is practical calm and his analytical ability can usually find a better way of doing something, he brings peace, rest and stability into a situation.

There is no rush in life of the Phlegmatic, never any rush.  He is very easy going, he is very good with planning and finances of all the four main personalities, this one has no real needs. He lives from a centre of peace and stillness and harmony within, without stress and without anxiety. He doesn’t get actively involved in sin, he can’t be bothered, you will never rush him, or force him to make a decision or do something that he doesn’t want to.

It is fascinating to see how Jesus was never rushed, to the point where some others of these people we are talking about found themselves frantic because, He’s supposed to be rushed!  You know, Jairus comes to Jesus, and the poor man is frantic!

 My daughter is dying!  Come and lay hands on her!

Jesus says, ‘I will come.’  Even in the way He said it, there is no anxiety.  He doesn’t say (breathlessly) Yes!!!!  I’ll be right there!!!  It is, “Yes, I will come.”  You get this impression of the easy walk with no frantic rush about it.

Jesus is never rushed – never pressured, and never overwhelmed.

Of course, when He was woken up in the storm, with the wind screaming through the sails and ripping those sails off the masts, and with the waves crashing over the boat, and the disciples up to their knees in water, baling for their life.  And Jesus says,

Why did you wake me?  Why are you afraid?

When we realize that we are looking at God in His humanity, this is a genuine man as mankind was always meant to be.  No rush and no pressure.  Just taking it moment by moment.  There’s no impetuous action; no one ever catches Him off guard so that He does something and then says, “I shouldn’t have done that.”  It’s almost as if He is weighing every word, weighing every action.  Moving ever so deliberately, and yet without impetuosity.

The Phlegmatic person has the gift of detachment.  They are able to look at life, and not let life intrude on them while they are looking at it.  Detached.  They can weigh what is going on and observe it.  Observation is their big plus.  It can also be their greatest curse!

It’s a person who, essentially, has very few problems with anybody, and very few problems with any situation.  It’s a person that never holds a grudge, and finds it easy to forgive, because much of the time, they didn’t know anything was wrong.

This fellow really has no needs.  He just sort of goes through life.  Now that he is resting in the Love of God, and observing God’s unfolding purpose of Love. But, it is always from that centre of rest and peace.

If God is not in the picture, and if you are left with “It’s all about me,” then this person turns within and finds it very easy, very quickly, to become the centre of my own meaning.

I am content with myself, and content with myself I am going to harbour and bank life’s energy.  I’m just going to be ‘me.’  I’m very content with me, and I’m going nowhere.  On my own, it’s all about ‘me’ to find the meaning of life, and I’m so at rest and so at peace.  My meaning of life is to sit back and watch. Did you say I can be as God?  Then, my idea of God is some Eastern Monarch who is fanned, eats a grape while he watches the world go by and does nothing.  

Just watches and observes, and he’s going nowhere.  He’s content within himself, and that’s the trouble.  He really is content and satisfied within himself, doing nothing!  He doesn’t really need people.  He doesn’t really need any action, just a nice chair and somewhere to put his feet and be God, because he’s content.  Detached?  You bet!  Detached from life.  He’s an island in the middle of life.  Life goes on around and this one just sits there.

Uninvolved.  Aware, touches, but never gets involved.  Observes but never does anything with what he sees, and he’s got so much brain space to observe, and so much unused energy to observe that he really comes up with some great stuff.  But, he just doesn’t have the oomph to do anything with it.  So, he rarely shares the wisdom that he sees.

Oh, yes!  He’s Mr. Dull.  He would say he’s got a ‘routine.’  Most other people would say that he’s in a rut.  Sometimes you prod him to see whether he’s really alive!  He looks dead.  Certainly life is stagnant.  He’s doing nothing.  And, this person procrastinates.  It’s always tomorrow.

So, he has few relationships in life because he observes and sees the possibility of relationships, but by the time he summons himself to become involved in a relationship, it has gone on somewhere else.

The one man in Scripture who summed up the Phlegmatic in one sentence was Felix?  When Paul was preaching to Felix and Felix becomes very convicted and uncomfortable.  The way he handled it was, “I’ll talk to you another day about this.”  That’s it – I’ll talk another day… some other time…  Don’t disturb me right now…

This man says, “I’ll get to that next week.”  We kind of smile at that, you know.  But God says, “You wicked and lazy servant!  You knew what I wanted and you chose not to become involved in the doing of My purpose in this world.”

Just a little slumber, I’ll be there after a nap.  Just a little folding of the hands.  Just a little closing of the eyes.  I promise you I’ll get to it.  But right now, I’ve got to keep my energy, you understand.  I’m perfectly content here.  I really don’t know what all the fuss is about!  I’m perfectly content.  What’s the fuss? 

You see, Mr. Phlegmatic, Mr. Lazy Man, everything is not all right!  You may be satisfied and that is the most frightening thing about you.  All you do is NOTHING because you think it is all right.

Many who are in theological seminary are the sluggards who are asleep. They know ‘about,’ they observe, and they can pass their exams and get their doctorates, but they have never been involved!  They have never responded.  They’ve never related.

This person’s life is full of unfinished projects.  How many times have we gone into the Scripture, I’m going to pursue this; I’m going to pursue that… There it sits!  All the books you’ve read on prayer!  You’ve just never gotten around to praying.  You’re an expert on prayer.

Just a little slumber… Just a little closing of the eyes… I’ll get to it tomorrow – I promise!  After I’ve read the next book, then I’ll have it down…  I’ll observe…I’ll watch how they prayed then I’ll pray, but they don’t they never get around to it.

When this person is living out from the life of God within, then it is a beautiful sight.  If I asked you for your most favourite Bible characters, I know that for many people, high on that list would be Joseph.  Joseph is one of these guys.  Think about it. What did they say when they first saw him coming?  They said, “Behold the dreamer comes.”

He’s the fellow that is never rushed and is always sort of relaxed.  Joseph could read his brothers – that was the trouble!  He saw through their little manipulative schemes, and he saw how they were ripping off his dad.  Even his dad didn’t see it. Joseph reported it to his father and got himself into a lot of trouble.

You know the story of Joseph:

Betrayed by his brothers…

Do you realize that a Melancholie would never have gotten around to why God wanted him in Egypt?  He’d be too busy trying to get even with his brothers for selling him. Have you ever realized that Joseph didn’t hold a grudge against his brothers that kidnapped him?  That’s incredible!  He can go to Egypt and get on with why God wanted him in Egypt.  He doesn’t hold a grudge.

Some people would say, “Are you dead, man?  Don’t you have any feelings?”  To him, there are better things to do than to sit there and have a grudge.  That’s the way he is.

After he is framed by Potiphar’s wife, and after Potiphar imprisons Joseph, Potiphar knowing full well that his wife was a lying slut, but does Joseph hold a grudge?

Again no grudges.  No resentment.  He just gets on with his life.  This is the fellow.  Calm.  Stable.   All the way through he understood the covenant as nobody else understood it.

This is what makes the Phlegmatic a wiseman when he comes out of his shell and DOES! This is the balance… it is coupled with DOING so that he embraces life and he ‘DOES life:

When he is with his father, he is the youngest son and yet becomes the manager of the farm.

When he is in Egypt, he rises to become the chief slave of Potiphar;

When he is in prison, he rises to become in charge of the prison; and

Before Pharaoh, he becomes the Prime Minister of Egypt.

Joseph is the Phlegmatic that DOES!

We have looked at the strengths of the Phlegmatic through the life of Jesus and Joseph.

The weaknesses of the Phlegmatic character outside of the life of God, is that he is slow and lazy lacking motivation, you will find this man in the book of Proverbs, He is in a shell and just pokes his head out to see what’s going on. He likes to watch from a distance, he is a voyeur. He is stubborn and stingy; he likes to tease and is indecisive. He has the ability to stir others to anger, while he remains calm. He hides his emotions and tries not to laugh or cry in public, for fear that someone may find out who he really is. Although all four temperaments reveal the weakness of selfishness, Mr Phlegmatic is cursed with the heaviest dose, as he hides in his shell of self protection.

Mr Phlegmatic thinks up the best way of DOING it, but procrastinates and before he has started, one of the other group members has already started a program. So the Phlegmatic enters in but only half heartedly, as his way of doing it would be better. The reason that he is good with money, is not because he is a better accountant than the others, but it is because he is motivated by the fear of not having enough, or losing what he already has.

A key phrase for Mr Phlegmatic would be: I’m satisfied with the way things are.  Why do anything?  It must have been a Phlegmatic who coined the proverb “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  “Don’t rock the boat!”  “I’LL be alright tomorrow” “Something will turn up” “IT’LL sort itself out” The problem is Mr Phlegmatic it won’t sort itself out!

The Bible calls them ‘the lazy man,’ and pictures them in the Book of Proverbs as always being asleep.  Do you remember that in the Book of Proverbs?

“I went by the house of the lazy man and I heard him say on his porch, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’  Just a little more sleep…Just a little more rest… Just a little folding of the hands.”

Oh, he observes, all right.   That’s part of his genius.  And, he’ll tell others what to do.  And, one of these days, I’ll do what I say.  I suppose you could describe him as the person who has an eternal ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on his life.  He’s the lazy one.

Another word the Bible uses is ‘sluggard,’ which comes from the slug that never really gets anywhere; or, the ‘slothful man’, which comes from that animal, the sloth, that hangs upside down in a tree and sleeps 99% of the time.  So, he’s uninvolved.  He’s stagnant.  That’s your Phlegmatic.  You’re never really sure that he is alive.  He never moves.

The Phlegmatic will never be Chairman of the Board.  The Phlegmatic will never lead a crusade to Asia.  No!  The Phlegmatic is always the still one, the quiet one, hard to move, but the Love of God is changing things because now he observes, and the Spirit of God within is the Energy to do.  Now he not only tells others what he observes, but he is going to become part of the ‘DOING.’

The Melancholie 

He knows love, but loves the ‘perfection.’  This person delights in the Perfection of God.  But, he doesn’t only delight in the Perfection of God, but in the perfection of everything The perfection of His purpose, and the perfection of how He fits everything together and works it all out.  Oh, what a brain!  They go down and down, and down and down, and down and down to the very depths of things and their minds never stop.

These are amazing people:  To think and to weigh and to contemplate.  They realize that the meaning of all real life is to contain the Love of God.

The Melancholie’s, have a mission. This is your mission from God.  This is your destiny:  You go, yourself, and then when you report it, you take us.  You go to the edge of thought.  You stand on the very precipice of thought and you behold God.  You look out upon the abyss of God’s Love, and you worship Him because you’ve gone to the extreme.  You’ve gone to the limit.  

It is the Melancholie’s destiny and purpose in life, to affirm and to prove, in the darkness, that He never does leave us or forsake us!  It is the Melancholie who can go to the pits and say, “Nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus.”  Others may say that, and it’s true of course, but the Melancholie feels it and goes there in the depth of his being to come back with an absolute, final report that this is the case!  This is the Truth!

All these holiness movements with all of their rules and their lists and their crying and striving for perfection were founded by Melancholie’s.  They said: We’ve got to get this!  We’ve got to be perfect!  The trouble is, that once The Lie comes in and with it the belief that it’s all about me, then we think that becoming ‘perfect’ is ‘all about me.’

Do you get that?  This is the essence of religion!  It was the essence of the Pharisees:  That we’ve got to be perfect before God.  Well, of course, it’s all about me!  I’ve got to be perfect!  I’ve got to present myself to God without spot and blemish.  I’ve got to do it!  I mean, doesn’t that make sense?  

You say this to a person who has thought about these things, and they will tell you, “Of course, it’s all about me!  Who else would it be about?  I’m the imperfect person; I’ve got to try to be perfect.  Of course, it’s all about me!”

The Rich Young Ruler was a Melancholie to the max.

Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?

Jesus played his game.  Jesus was the Master at pulling someone out from their nest, so He played his game.  He said,

You know the commandments.  You believe that something you do can give you eternal life and make you perfect?  If that’s where you’re at, let’s start!  

And, He begins to list them.  Of course Jesus is the Master, I say again, because He deliberately left one out.  He deliberately left out thou shall not covet.  He left out the one that dealt with greed and grasping.  So, He says here they are, the commandments.  

The young man is upset with that, you see. He said,

All these have I kept from my youth up!  I’ve got the list in my back pocket!  I do this… I do this… I do this… I don’t do that… I don’t go there…  All these have I kept!  

Jesus said…

One thing you lack…

And, He zeroed in on that last commandment; Thou shall not covet, for the man had his fingers white at the knuckles around his possessions.  He was very rich.  Jesus said,

Go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor and come and follow me.  

There the man had met the impossible command.  Jesus brings him, deliberately, to the despair of it being ‘all about him,’ I can keep 99% of the rules, and be busted on the last one.  And he turned, and it says, “He was very sad.”  Of course!  He’s a Melancholie!  He spirals into despair.

He goes away in Melancholy sadness.  Jesus, looking on him, loved him.  The young man despised himself and ‘x-ed’ himself out of God’s kingdom because he couldn’t ‘DO.’

The Melancholie can have the mask, the stone face: Everything is okay!  But, if ever you got inside there and saw the agony of wrestling with my imperfections and my ‘not good enough,’ and the fear that if anybody ever really knew what I can’t do and who I am not…  This is the mind of the Melancholie.  Nobody could ever really love me; I’m not worth loving… I dare not trust you, because I know if I trusted you, you are going to find out about me.  

That’s the Melancholie.  Even in the best moment, they are not quite ‘good enough.’  So, you can have your best moment, and realize that it is not good enough; it’s not quite perfection.

But of course, that is why our Melancholie’s have produced our great works of art, sculpture, our poetry, and our great literature.  It was because, it was never ‘good enough’ and they have to press on and press on and press on!  They discard their work as not ‘good enough.’  Not quite yet.

Read Psalm 51.  There’s another Melancholie for you:  David.  When David sinned, he wallows in that agony. That’s a whole study by itself.  For a year, he agonizes with what he has done.  He talks about the very moisture of his body leaving him, and day and night, ‘against Thee and Thee only have I sinned.’  And then, at the end when he comes and he says, ‘I will sing of my salvation.  God my salvation!  And, I will sing of your Righteousness.’

God saves you because of God!

So, what is there left for me to do? Wrestles this man.

All that is left for you to do is ‘faith.’  Faith is better understood as trust.  How difficult for a Melancholie to dare to ‘let down’ and say, “I trust you Lord” The Sanguine says “Oh just trust the Lord.”  

So that Paul, the Melancholie said, Who shall deliver me from this body of death, and then goes straight on and says, There is now therefore, no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  Those who have trusted the Righteousness of God, and trusted that God is in conformity with God.  That God did what He said, and He did it in Jesus.

Paul, having giving us a list in Philippians 3 says:

Do you want to know my background? 

 I am a Pharisee of a Pharisee family. 

 I’m a Hebrew of Hebrews 

As touching the Law?  I was blameless! 

I kept every list.  

Then, he says:

I count it all now as that which you flush down the toilet!  

Now, if Paul had not been a Melancholie, we never would have gotten that!  Do you understand?  It would still be true, but we never would have gone there.

Let’s face it!  A Sanguine doesn’t want to think about those things.  A Sanguine is perfectly happy, “God loves me!  Let’s not think about anything!”

The Phlegmatic – well, I’ll look at that tomorrow.

Please understand this.  You don’t suddenly, in Christ, become a religious NOTHING you will find you will have your ‘dark’ days, because you have that ability to see what others don’t see, and therefore to go where others don’t go, because of their emotions and the way they think.

Outside of Christ, the Melancholie just lives in the darkness.  That can often end in suicide.  But, in Christ, he sees the darkness, and then uses it as a springboard into the heart of God.

It’s not abnormal to feel darkness; it’s not abnormal to be sad.  There’s not anything wrong with you if you feel the pressures of the moment.  But when you take the ‘happy’ pill, it means that you will not know the Peace of God because you have substituted it for a drug.  You will not know the Joy of the Lord, because you have produced a synthetic joy.

To the Melancholie who is the person living on those drugs.  There is a better answer!  It will come over a period of time, But there is a better way, and that better way is God’s way of giving you Joy and Peace that has an origin in the Holy Spirit.

What if Jeremiah had taken a ‘happy’ pill?  A large chunk of the Bible would be missing! This is the Melancholie of Melancholie’s, and God needed this man to see into the heart of God! This man goes through life, always touching the darkness but always celebrating the light.

But, take God out the picture now, and what is the Melancholie left with?  Himself!

Oh, God help us.  I look at myself, and I want perfection and I want everything in place.  He goes through his lists to make sure that everything is done right and is in its place at the right time, by the right people.  He looks at himself, and says, “You’re not right!”  Then, he contemplates himself and says, “You’re really not right!  In fact, you are terrible.  This is awful!”  

He is an analytical self centred gifted perfectionist, who is very sensitive emotionally. Without God he is a pessimistic moody introvert who is easily offended. He can and will rise to the heights of ecstasy, and from there to the pit of depression. The Melancholie is a revengeful type person, that finds it difficult to forgive.

Because of his pessimistic outlook he is fearful of making decisions, in case they are wrong and won’t live up to his perfectionist standards. Many Melancholie’s are bachelors because no one can live up to their perfect expectations

The Melancholie is suspicious and doesn’t make friends easily, but is a faithful self sacrificing friend and will rarely let you down. Many of the worlds greatest geniuses, musicians, artists, philosophers, teachers and inventors were Melancholie.

Every Pharisee was a Melancholie.  Perfection!  I’m striving!  I’ve got to be perfect:  I’ve got to get it right!

But… without God.  You see?  Without the Love of God, that’s despair.  That’s the deepest, darkest depression.  This person thinks without ceasing.  That’s their trouble.  Thinking…. Thinking…  of what ought to be, and what isn’t, and what I must be.  Without any love of God there and without any light, you are thinking in The Lie.  You’re choosing the darkness; you’re excluding God from your reality.

Oh… it gets worse!

Because, You hurt me – I’ve got it on my list!  He goes to the depths and carry lists of grudges and resentments that seethe inside in the darkness, and then, they explode and say, “Four years ago you said….!”  I did?!!!

I’m not perfect, so I go into despair, and you’re not perfect, so I’ll hold grudges and bitterness and resentment.  MELANCHOLY:  The Black, the Dark.  He’s a procrastinator, too.  He never gets around to it, but for different reasons.

The Melancholie will do it when everything is perfect!”  “I’ll put up the picture when it’s exactly right, when I’ve measured every millimetre on the wall!

The Phlegmatic is comfortable, and will put it up tomorrow.

The Sanguine put it up last night it’s in the wrong place and crooked, but it is up!

Let me be fair that, in the world of men, this is what produces our geniuses.  It takes a Melancholie to think that far.  It produces our artists and our poets.  But, how many of those have their dark, dark side?

The Melancholie who hears the Gospel realizes that this God of Incredible Love has forgiven all the imperfections, has wiped it out and better yet, has included us into His righteousness.  Paul was Choleric, but he was also Melancholie.  He gives us a whole book about the righteousness of God?  AND IT’S NOT OF WORKS!!!!!  Only a Melancholie who has been to the pit there of trying to do ‘it’ by works!  Peter didn’t say that, because it had never occurred to him to say that, but Paul?  “It’s not of works, works, works!!!!

Why?  Because, that had been his life:  trying to be perfect, but never attaining perfection!  ‘Oh wretched man that I am!’  There are some of us who have never said that, not because we are not spiritual, but because it took Paul to say that!

The Choleric

The person we today call the Choleric:  Obviously, God created these persons to be the leaders.  

This means that they are those who lay down their life for those that they lead.  These are persons who are driven persons.  

When they would lead in the Love of God, then they will go all the way to laying down their life for those that they lead.  These are persons who can see to the end and know the goal.  They are persons who, knowing the goal, can see the pitfalls and can know the answers, and are able to take others with them in the Love of God.

The other temperaments, we have pointed out and tried to show how they are “ALL ABOUT ME.”  But, when we come to this one, it is indeed, ‘ALL ABOUT ME,’ unashamedly and ‘in your face.’

Whenever the Love of God gets hold of this person, they become a leader in some area, whether that be among your neighbours and friends in the church, or so many times, these strong Cholerics become the great leaders in the Body of Christ. Moses was such a person and certainly, in the New Testament, Paul was such a person.  Peter, though he was so Sanguine in many respects, yet there is that Choleric there that enabled him to become one of the great leaders of the church; in fact, ‘the’ leader of the church there in Jerusalem.

So, what you are dealing with Love at its leadership level which means that we are dealing with Love in the laying down of its life.  This means then, that if this person is ever going to understand the Gospel, see and receive the Love of God, they are going to discover the Love of God not only that died for them, but also the Love of God that is going to bring and end to their life which is the most extreme of self-for-self, and do-it-my-way.  

And yet, of course having said this, then you might believe that I am about to talk about the monsters of this world.  Yes, you could!  Any of the monsters of history were Cholerics.  When we talk about the Caesars, we are talking about the Nebuchadnezzar’s, Hitler’s, Stalin’s and Noriega, and Osama Ben Ladin for sure – These are the people we are talking about here.

But, this comes down right into our homes and churches, the selfish person who will always watch what they want to watch on the TV regardless of others, this the choleric in the flesh

The pastor that controls people as if they were just puppets for his pleasure, “everybody sit, everybody stand, everybody turn around and hug some one”  This is pastor Choleric in the flesh.

These are persons who have the innate ability to have their eye on the goal.  Some accomplishment that they are determined to pursue, and you could say that their aim in this is two fold:

1) They are going to accomplish that ‘end,’ and

2) They are going to be recognized in their accomplishment.

But, part of it also is that:

You are going to know that they have accomplished their end, and you are going to publicly recognize them as those who accomplished their end, and if you don’t they are going to be very angry.

So, we are talking about those who control, and those who will manipulate in order to control.  Apart from these individuals who think that they are God’s gift to humanity, nobody else likes these people.  They are the controllers; they are the manipulators.  They are those who would make you into a marionette and pull the strings and watch you dance because they are going to get their way, and you’d better understand very quickly that they are going to get their way.  And, you had better get out of the way!

It would appear that these people have great difficulty in seeing another human being as a real person.  They look upon other human beings as tools that can be used to achieve that ‘end,’ that ‘goal.’  They will use them until they are spent and then they will toss them aside as having no more use.  So, if you were to meet this person at a social gathering, you might even think they are Sanguine, for they are the life of the party and they are reaching out to everybody.  But, the difference is they are not reaching out with love or tenderness or a compassionate mind, they are reaching out to find people they can use to get to their ‘end.’

They are in the midst of non-humans as far as they are concerned just in order to accomplish their ‘end.’  Therefore, they tend to pull around them very weak people who will say ‘YES’ to them all of the time.  If you look at those who surrounded Hitler, you will find very weak people who always said ‘YES’ to him and did his will.

It would be true to say that these people are almost incapable of real love and real compassion.  They don’t know tenderness.

And so, you find these people are arrogant.  They are those who collect the weak, but also despise the weak for being weak and are quick to discard them.  They have their goal, and they know how to get there.  They have an uncanny ability to make quick decisions that are ‘right on,’ and moving—ever moving towards the goal that they have.  They are the cruellest of all human beings.  They have the capacity for more anger and rage than other human beings.

Remember, this can crop up at a domestic level; it can crop up at the church level.  The Pastor who says, “You do it my way.”  He doesn’t even ask you!  It’s ‘my way!’ You realize that you are dealing with someone who at least has some of this in them. There is no consideration that you might have plans, too.  There’s no consideration that your plans just might be better than their plans.

They are totally unteachable.  They are going to do it, and they are going to do it their way!  They have the uncanny ability of sucking other people to make everybody do what they want.  You find yourself surrounded with people and all of them are doing what this person wants.  You say, “But, who said this was the way to do it?”  But it is too late – it’s already half done, because we’re going to do it!

Do you get the picture of this person? They are self-reliant people.  They need nobody.  They are people who are the ultimate know-it-alls.  They are the arrogant, the confident, and the cruel. Christ crucified: The ultimate oxymoron.  You can’t put the word ‘Christ’ alongside the word ‘crucified.’  They totally contradict each other.

But, that is the Gospel. This is the scandal of the Cross.  Today, I am sorry, but we have sort of missed it!  Today, to become a Christian is to become powerful and be a somebody; whereas, the idea of power in the Bible is that, I don’t become nobody, I am such a somebody I can choose to serve you.

I come to this Jesus who told the disciples who were fighting so much, they so wanted to be Number One!  You go through the Gospels; they never quit!  Who is going to be Number One in the Kingdom of God?  Who is going to be Secretary of State?  Who is going to be Vice President… argue!!!  And then, they even got their mother involved, do you remember?  Or maybe, she got herself involved!  Salome comes to Jesus and says, I’ve got a favour to ask.  When you come into your kingdom, I want my Jimmy and Johnny to sit on either side of you.  Grabbing for position!

This isn’t the Gentiles; this isn’t the people outside of the covenant!  Jesus said:

“In this kingdom, the greatest among you is the servant of all.”

Right up until that last supper, they are still arguing.

Why didn’t Peter write most of the New Testament?  Why didn’t Thomas or anybody else?  Because, it needed someone who was so opposed to the Gospel that when they got it, they got it so totally that they couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of their life, nor could they stop explaining it.  And, they were Melancholie enough to go to the bottom to take you to the top at the same time.  It had to be Paul.

Paul returned to Jerusalem, and by this time he is a brilliant speaker (orator).  Everybody respects him. Saul is horrified to find that there are people in the synagogue who believe in this Jesus.  Yeshuìa!  He spits out the word!  It’s a curse word.  And, then he listens.  He listens to Stephen, Saul probably understood it even better than the Christians did!  He said,

If this one that you call Messiah, if he died and he took your sin, then what are we doing in the temple?  If he died and took away sin, then you are saying there are no more sacrifices in the temple.  In fact, if you say this is Messiah that took away sin, there is no more temple!  It’s over!  And, if that be the case, there is no more priesthood.  You are taking away our very religion.  You are bringing an end to Judaism, to the Law of Moses.  It’s the end.  

He rose up with such rage.  You see this man now!  Nothing is going to stop him.

You are taking away my law!  You are taking away my sacrifices; my temple and if you take them away, there is no kingdom.  You are destroying the truth, which means…

I’ll have my way!  You get out of my way or I will kill you.

And I’ll kill everybody that gets in my way. 

And so, he interacts with Stephen and Stephen destroys him!  Stephen proves that Jesus is the Messiah, that He died and rose again and said, “We’ve seen Him!  We ate with Him!”  So, what does this man do that is this kind of person?  He kills Stephen.

Anyone who gets in our way has got to go.  

Using false witnesses and pulling strings, he has Stephen stoned outside the city even though it was illegal to do that in those days.  It was a setup. It was a lynch mob.  He’s got to save Judaism!

You understand!  I’ve got to save the Law of Moses!  No one seems to understand!  Even these high priests who crucified him, they don’t seem to understand what they are saying.  If He died as they say He died, and rose again as they say he rose again, then it’s over!  The temple is gone.  The priesthood is gone.  We are all gone.  And, they don’t get it – even the high priest doesn’t get it!  

This man can see like an eagle.  He knows what is going on here.  He’s already killed Stephen.  He will kill everybody, if it takes it.  He began to go through Jerusalem, and the man is a maniac.  It says, “Taking women and children,” which is something they just didn’t do in those days, he demanded that they blaspheme and curse the name of Jesus.

And, we know from the wording and what they did in those days, that he took them into the synagogue.  They hung them from the ceiling on Sabbath day and he took a cat-of-nine-tails in his hand and lashed them thirty-nine times until their body was shredded.  He said, “Curse that name!”  And, when they wouldn’t curse the name, they were excommunicated from the synagogue.  Others were stoned and thrown in jail.  He went from house to house, synagogue to synagogue.  His name was the terror of all who believed upon Jesus because, you don’t stand in his way!

What about Moses?  Before Exodus was written  Moses is in secular history.  He was a great general; he led the armies of Egypt against Ethiopia; he’s in history.  Another Choleric – DON’T GET IN THE WAY OF MOSES!

Then, he sees that he is a Hebrew.  He doesn’t belong in the Egyptian court; he belongs with the Hebrews.  So what does he do?  He kills the taskmaster.  Everyone is saying ‘Oh, God, no!  No!  You don’t understand, Moses.  Now we are really going to get it!’ There again, you see… Paul had to be knocked off his horse; and Moses had to be dumped in the desert for forty years looking after sheep, until the rage got out of him.

Then, Moses came back.  Is he changed?  Yes and No… he’s still the Choleric, but now under the direction of the Spirit of God, to lead three million people out of Egypt.

When God said to him, “Speak to the children of Israel that they go forward into the Red Sea, and you go and stretch your rod over the Sea…”  The man’s got feelings here!  To go and say, “Come on,” and then to watch the Red Sea open.  But, it took a Choleric ‘mix’ to do that.  Do you get what I am saying?

Just think!  What would Hitler have been had he got saved and become an Evangelist?  Do you see what I mean?  Only you get the other side of this terrible twist.  But then, once it is turned around, you get the Paul and the Moses, and so on.

God doesn’t change us into a RELIGIOUS NOTHING. He takes us and re-fashions us, but it is still us. As we bring this study to a close we would like to outline the working of the promise that God has made to transform us. To do this we are going to take another look at Paul the Apostle.

Saul of Tarsus, he goes to the high priest!  And, tells the high priest, “We’ve got to get rid of the Christians.”  You don’t tell the high priest anything!  The high priest is the HIGH Priest!  He hears from God.  

Paul states:  “I’ve got my plan!  My plan is right!  There is no discussion.  Now you high priest give me letters of authority so I can wipe out the Christians in every city!”

And, the high priest said, “Yes sir, Yes sir!”  

Like a maniac, he went through Jerusalem stoning, and beating Christians.

Then he meets with Jesus.  Interestingly, with that kind of person, you have to be knocked off your horse and made blind before you will listen!  So, is he changed?  Yes and No…

He’s still Melancholy/Choleric.  So, what does he do?  He’s seen the truth!  Don’t stand in his way!  He goes around the world going to every city and plants the truth.  Nothing will stop him.  You beat him to a pulp, and he goes on to the next city with his blood dropping on the ground behind him.  You stone him until he is dead, and they pray and he rises from the dead and goes back into the city to complete his sermon!

Only now, it’s not ‘people, get out of my way and I’ll use you and discard you.’  He says of the worst enemies of the gospel who opposed him, “I am willing to go to hell if they can be saved.”  

He’s the same man – but he’s not!

Saul the serial killer the EXTREME of selfishness.

Saul gets saved, and we find a new man.

Paul the man of God, prepared to lay down his life for his enemies, the EXTREME of selflessness.

This is the most serious of all the bents of temperament.  Left without the Love of God in the face of Jesus Christ, it is the most self-destructive, and the most destructive to the human race.  But, let this person see the Love of God, and in exactly the same way, and with the same drive – only now ready to die for those who are in front of him, and ready to go to the ends of the earth… as Paul did, to write as he wrote, and to live as he lived.

We need a few Cholerics to get saved, and to be true leaders in the Church of God.  But, if you find any of this within yourself, then I say take it very seriously.

In this teaching we have looked at a persons personality traits, a persons character is different, the character deals with morals, the issues of right and wrong, To give you an example, a Choleric husband or pastor will lead based on control and manipulation, if this person allows the Holy Spirit to deal with his character, he will know this is wrong, the control and manipulation will die, the resurrected character will then lead through the personality by the power of example.

In summary The Sanguine personality will cry ME ME ME it’s all about ME! Now the Sanguine that is allowing the Lord to transform him, and take him from glory to glory has a change of heart and cries, I was wrong it’s not about ME it’s about HIM look at HIM! The glorified Sanguine’s will be the expressers of God through worship and witnessing.

The Melancholie personality will cry ME ME ME it’s all about ME! Now the Melancholie that is allowing the Lord to transform him, and take him from glory to glory has a change of heart and cries, I was wrong it’s not about ME it’s about HIM look at HIM! The glorified Melancholie will be the expressers of God through self sacrifice thinking dialogue and theology.

The Phlegmatic personality will cry ME ME ME it’s all about ME! Now the Phlegmatic that is allowing the Lord to transform him, and take him from glory to glory has a change of heart and cries, I was wrong it’s not about ME it’s about HIM look at HIM! The glorified Phlegmatic will be the expressers of God through balance wisdom and involvement in pioneering.

The Choleric personality will cry ME ME ME it’s all about ME! Now the Choleric that is allowing the Lord to transform him, and take him from glory to glory has a change of heart and cries I was wrong it’s not about ME it’s about HIM HIM HIM look at HIM! The glorified Choleric will be the expressers of God through selflessness as they lead.

When the four above personality types are working together, this is the visual body of Christ in it’s glory and splendour. The problem is that the personality types that are resisting God’s process of transformation, all group off together, have you heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together”.

The Melancholie’s go off into their theology Bible study camps, and plan their next debate.

While the Sanguine’s separate themselves into the worship camp, and plan their next evangelism crusade.

The Choleric/Sanguine leads the Sanguine’s, whilst a Choleric/Melancholie leads the Melancholie’s. Here lies the problem now the groups are separated, they are highlighting each others faults. The Melancholie’s despise the bad theology and heresy of the Sanguine’s, and the Sanguine’s call the Melancholie’s spiritually dead, because of the lack of worship, and their lack of understanding concerning spiritual gifts, which cannot be learnt or taught with intellect.

The Phlegmatic pokes his nose out of his shell and says look at these two different groups I don’t know who’s right, I don’t know which group to join, there’s so much confusion, I know what to do, I won’t bother to do anything.

Truly, truly we say to you, when you see these four personality types submitted in the Masters hand, united and working together in harmony you have visually seen the Body of Christ on earth.

We thank you for joining us in our study. The negative side of having this information is there is a tendency to put people in a box, and say he’s this one, and she’s that one. This is not advisable, as we are all a unique mixture, and therefore each one of us will need our own unique box to be put in. Some need a red box, whilst others it is a white box. Whilst others still, will need a blue box. Some round, some square, some oblong.


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